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Here's what people are saying about Mr. Dennis' coaching ability.

"Mr. Dennis helped me understand that my life was worth living. I was depressed and didnt feel like I belonged anywhere. He was someone I could trust and he showed me that I dont have to go through life alone."
Erick Mitchell, GA

"Jonathon Dennis helped me look at sticky situations from all aspects. He taught me to take a situation and step back, look at the angles, and make the best call that I could."
Mason Snelson, TX

"Jonathon Dennis taught me how to handle adversity. I would get angry fast and want to blow up, he would show me to sit back, cool down, and I began to think rationally. He showed me how to look at the big picture and now that I am a mentor to others, I carry that with me and try to instill those same values. "
J'Quen Johnson, TN

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